The Sisterhood Event

I'd been following many Hijabis Blogger blogs and recently been acknowledged about a huge event involving Hijabis in Indonesia called Sisterhood. It was organized by the one and only Dian Pelangi, a notted Fashion Designer and also Fashion Blogger from Indonesia. So, yeah, that makes the event even bigger! The Hijabers Community had been organizing numerous of such events which gathers many hijabis in the region. However, the special thing about this particular event is that there were some familiar faces from other countries invited as guests. They are our very own Hijabis Fashion Bloggers, Ami Schaheera, Shea Rasol and also the owner of The Old Blossom Box, Jesmine Zaidan and also the beautiful Hana Tajima and Dina Tokio

I wish I can be there to attend the event. There are many activities including hijab tutorials, talks and of course the favorite thing of all, bazaar! Check out the details of the events on Dian Pelangi's or Ami's blog (just click the link at their names above). Here is a compilation of pictures borrowed from Dian Pelangi's and Ami's blog. (PS: I do not own these photos).

Looks fun! And beneficial too, the event definitely had tightens relationships and open up new ones by the invitation of bloggers from other countries. This really suits the name of the event itself! :) 

PS: I think it's about time we had events like this to be organized in Malaysia :)

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