Aishah Amin's Hijab Tutorial

Everyone knows the oh so fabulous Aisyah Amin right? I love her classy but yet very modest style. She's a lecturer in Architecture (correct me if I'm wrong). She's truly an icon in Malaysia's Islamic fashion. :) She'd just launched her own blog, do check it out here. And do like her FB page, The Hijab Diaries. :)
And do check her Lookbook! Really awesome styles of hers lined up in there! Really inspiring. :)

Stunning isn't it? Image courtesy from The Hijab Diaries at FB 

Okay soo, let's line up all her hijab tutorial back to back! What I love about her tutorial is, she really put in consideration about covering our chest properly which we sometime forgot. Hope this will inspire all you pretty girls out there! :)

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

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  1. salam kenal...
    makasih ya telah berbagi foto yang mengis pirasi ini...
    oya kalau untuk soal trand kaos kaki muslimah yang keren saat ini seperti apa ya

  2. Salam kenal kakak,, terimakasih atas tutorialnya

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