Yaz's set of Hijab Tutorials (Unique tutorials!)

Yeah, I'm posting more and more tutorial for your inspiration in styling your hijab (since I have time, I'm stealing some time pretending I have no works actually hee). As I was browsing through Youtube, I stumbled upon a series of awesome hijba tutorials which really caught my eyes. They're something different and are really inspiring, giving us options in hijab styles. :)

These tutorial are from the fabulous Yaz! Do check out her youtube videos here and her blog here. :) Besides hijab, she also does vlog as well as make up tutorials. I lovee to see her clothing style too. :)
So here are her hijab tutorials back to back!

Tutorial 1 : Very Elegant Wedding/Evening Hijab Style

Tutorial 2 : Double Side Flower Design

Tutorial 3 : Twist with hooded effect

Tutorial 4 : Everyday Hijab tutorial (with turtle neck)

Tutorial 5 : Pretty Everyday Hijab
Hope these awesome tutorials can inspire you girls out there in any ways. Till next time! Bye!

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  1. teha says:

    i nak request tutorials yg bukan drpd youtube sources becoz the youtube is blocked in my place.so please.......i nak sgt2 try the hijab styles..^^,

    oh one more thing,,klu u upload videos kt facebook is better i think.TQ

  2. i see i see. im sooo sorry cuz all the tutorials are taken from the youtube. :( but i'll try to figure out how for u guys to see it. :)

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