Amenakin's Set of Tutorials

Okay in this post, I'm going to feature about Amenakin. Who's she? Well she's a famouse Youtuber who'd post many useful hijab tutorials as well as her vlog. She also posts her everyday look. :) I love her tutorial because she's not afraid to experiment with something new and seriously, she loovesss layers of scarves. Other than hijab tutorial, she also did a bit of make up tutorial for you gals who lovess make up. Well, I'm not a fan of make up soo I'm going to only post her hijab tutorial. But you girls can check her other videos HERE. :)

So here are the selected hijab tutorials which had inspire me to come up with new styles of headwraps. :) And again, I present to you back to back! :)

1st. How to tie square scarf to look like rectangle scarf hijab?

2nd. Summer scarf. Easy and avoid feeling too hot(temperature wise hehe) in hijab.

3rd Hijab with cute side knot! ;)

4th Easy draping. Suitable for class. ;)

Okay, there are lotss of her tutorials actually. do check her Youtube okayy? She also got her own line of scarves called Pearl Daisy. Do check her site okayy. ;)

Hope these will inspire you girls more in doing the headwrap! Good luck in trying! :)

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  1. cik kia says:

    woww,thankss for this great tutorials ! tehee btw,i ada tulis something about this blog dkt blog i.tehee ;)

  2. omaigoodddd thank u cik kia!! really appreciate it! lovee ur blog btw! I'll mention ur blog kat our fb page okaii. thanks again! :)

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