Super cute Hijab Tutorial by FMN

I found this video in my pal, Iya Yaya's blog GAMBARAJAHGRAPHY.
I loove this video because it's super cute and inspiring. It gives you more options in styling our hijab.
I wish I know who's the pretty girl in the pic. :)
Okayy thanks to my lovely follower Tya, I do now know who's tutorial is this. It's the FMN's tutorial. do check out their blog.
I'd spotted awesome hijabis styles in their blog. Verry bold and trendy. I think they're part of Indonesia's Hijabers Communities. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

Well enjoyyy!

FMN Hstlye Vol.01 from FiMiNin on Vimeo.

Look at their style! MasyaAllah! Stunning! Again, Do visit their, awesome blog! :)

I'm proud to be a hijabi. Haha Tiba-tiba pula kann. :P


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  1. kannnn? seyes comel gilaaa!! agagaga! hehe

  2. Moon says:

    nice one!! thnx sis azyan! ehem! I dah story blog sis dekat blog i. jenguk2 lah yeee. :D

  3. okayyy! moonnn!! do u mind if i put ur blog link kat my fb page? because u're tooo kind to feature us in ur blog. heeee

  4. Moon says:

    ohh nvm..itsokey! ;)) btw, keep it up sis 4 this site! ;)) <3

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