Maria Elena's Hijab Tutorial

Okay, I'm sure many of you girls or maybe even guys out there know this girl. She's an active YouTuber with her superb sense of humor. She's also is famous among the hijab fashionista and she's one of the Scarflets too. :)
I looveee her hijab tutorial because it's so simple and easy. I also enjoy watching this girl's clever jokes. :P

Okay, so who or what's Scarflet btw? You'll ask. They're a group of Malaysian Bloggers who share the same passion of hijab fashion. They're pretty pretty girls of course and have their style. Correct me if I'm wrong okay? I'm liking the idea of this group, this is similar to Indonesian's Hijabers Comminity. ;)

So here's one of their picture taken from Maria Elena's blog. Do check her blog okayy? 

I think they should build their own fashion site as a group. If they do, I'm sure it'll be awesomee! :P

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  1. salam kenal kakak, bagus deh artikelnya
    kunjungi blog aku juga ya

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