Me Humble Tudungs Illustrations

For you guys who don't know, I do make some illustrations which most of them involve headscarves. Why? Because I am a proud Tudung wearing girl! I'd been wearing it since I was 10! :) And the flow of the fabrics is very interesting to draw. I am no expert, I draw buildings in my studies, not clothes, so yeah, my drawings are kind of armature. So just to share, these are my illustrations that I'd been posting all over my Facebook and blogs. If you want to, share it, but link it back to here, okay dearies?

My illustration of an Indonesian Fashion Blogger Siti Juwairiah

An Illustration based on an editorial photo in Aquila Magazine

Haha This is just plain me. It is for my personal blog header.  Visit my blog here
And of course the ones for the promotion of this blog back then. :) 

This is a poster for an imaginary campaign of mine. This is from my observation that many girls out there are more anxious to follow the trend than knowing what they really want to be wearing.

Hey maybe I ca do this sketching thing more often ayy? Kindda like Fifi Lapin or stuff.
Okay that is all for now. Assalamualaikum. 

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  1. sue. says:

    I just love it dear

  2. Thank youuuu sue! :DD

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