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New scarf! New label! New look! New site!

Brave yourselves girls! We are back but with new look, and new label. It's called Patternized! And we're launching our scarves soooon, as soon as tomorrow morning! Do visit the links below for updates!

Hurry the scarves are limited!!

The Sisterhood Event

I'd been following many Hijabis Blogger blogs and recently been acknowledged about a huge event involving Hijabis in Indonesia called Sisterhood. It was organized by the one and only Dian Pelangi, a notted Fashion Designer and also Fashion Blogger from Indonesia. So, yeah, that makes the event even bigger! The Hijabers Community had been organizing numerous of such events which gathers many hijabis in the region. However, the special thing about this particular event is that there were some familiar faces from other countries invited as guests. They are our very own Hijabis Fashion Bloggers, Ami Schaheera, Shea Rasol and also the owner of The Old Blossom Box, Jesmine Zaidan and also the beautiful Hana Tajima and Dina Tokio

I wish I can be there to attend the event. There are many activities including hijab tutorials, talks and of course the favorite thing of all, bazaar! Check out the details of the events on Dian Pelangi's or Ami's blog (just click the link at their names above). Here is a compilation of pictures borrowed from Dian Pelangi's and Ami's blog. (PS: I do not own these photos).

Looks fun! And beneficial too, the event definitely had tightens relationships and open up new ones by the invitation of bloggers from other countries. This really suits the name of the event itself! :) 

PS: I think it's about time we had events like this to be organized in Malaysia :)

Cool Hijab Tutorials from Siti Juwariyah and Irna

I was recently searching for good hijab tutorials and I found these interesting ones! They are something new and very chic. These are videos from two Hijab Fashion Bloggers from our neighbor, Indonesia. Check them out! Try it and if you may, take a decent photo of you in these styles and share your pictures here or at our facebook page. Have fun trying!

The first two tutorials are by Siti Juwariyah. I like them!The last one is by Irna Dewi. She teaches 3 different styles of square scarves. She sure is very pretty. :)

Do visit and follow their blogs. Good stuff. :) Okay till another time. Since it is 7.00P.M. now, Selamat Berbuka Puasa! Jangan makan banyak-banyak nanti perut berat mahu Terawikh! Hihi.

Me Humble Tudungs Illustrations

For you guys who don't know, I do make some illustrations which most of them involve headscarves. Why? Because I am a proud Tudung wearing girl! I'd been wearing it since I was 10! :) And the flow of the fabrics is very interesting to draw. I am no expert, I draw buildings in my studies, not clothes, so yeah, my drawings are kind of armature. So just to share, these are my illustrations that I'd been posting all over my Facebook and blogs. If you want to, share it, but link it back to here, okay dearies?

My illustration of an Indonesian Fashion Blogger Siti Juwairiah

An Illustration based on an editorial photo in Aquila Magazine

Haha This is just plain me. It is for my personal blog header.  Visit my blog here
And of course the ones for the promotion of this blog back then. :) 

This is a poster for an imaginary campaign of mine. This is from my observation that many girls out there are more anxious to follow the trend than knowing what they really want to be wearing.

Hey maybe I ca do this sketching thing more often ayy? Kindda like Fifi Lapin or stuff.
Okay that is all for now. Assalamualaikum. 

After A Year Of Hiatus : A new start

I'd mention this in the Facebook Page, I was on a very looongggg hiatus since my studiomates and I are very bus and now we had done our Bsc In Architecture, Alhamdulillah. Now the blog is totally under me (Azyan) now but I chose to remain the name of KhazanStudio since it is taken after my beloved studio of Khazanah. I like to keep it because I love the studio very dearly. :) Now, I am kindda busy promoting my mother's business, yummy chocolate chips cookies business, if you guys like to order, do visit this page . Warning, the page is loaded with many yummy pictures of goodies. :)

I would be back in the headscarf business in some times. I am surveying the market as well as searching for the best products to offer you guys. But in the mean time, I'd like to turn this blog into an exciting fashion blog especially for the hijabis, what say you girls? For that, I'll freeze the business for a while. I will update as much as the latets trends, tutorials (of course) and more regarding the hijab. If you like to comment, just do so, I love to hear from you guys.

Okay, see you girls again, Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhann!! :)

Yaz's set of Hijab Tutorials (Unique tutorials!)

Yeah, I'm posting more and more tutorial for your inspiration in styling your hijab (since I have time, I'm stealing some time pretending I have no works actually hee). As I was browsing through Youtube, I stumbled upon a series of awesome hijba tutorials which really caught my eyes. They're something different and are really inspiring, giving us options in hijab styles. :)

These tutorial are from the fabulous Yaz! Do check out her youtube videos here and her blog here. :) Besides hijab, she also does vlog as well as make up tutorials. I lovee to see her clothing style too. :)
So here are her hijab tutorials back to back!

Tutorial 1 : Very Elegant Wedding/Evening Hijab Style

Tutorial 2 : Double Side Flower Design

Tutorial 3 : Twist with hooded effect

Tutorial 4 : Everyday Hijab tutorial (with turtle neck)

Tutorial 5 : Pretty Everyday Hijab
Hope these awesome tutorials can inspire you girls out there in any ways. Till next time! Bye!