Anna Shariff's Hijab tutorial

Sorry you guys for not updating about the new stock. I'd to confirm the remaining stocks before I publish it online. Soooo for the mean time, I'll present to you as manyyy hijab tutorial I can get my hands on! Hihiiii! :)

Okay This time, its the hijab tutorial from the oh so fabulous Anna Shariff herself, a friend of mine (sudah jadi junior saya dah pon) Heee. I think many had heard about this pretty girl for her bold and trendy style. I believe many had feature her in their blog including me (in my personal blog). :D

Check out her pics! 

Pictures courtesy of her Facebook :)
Oh she also have her own site selling cool preloved stuff. Do check it out here
And do check out her tumblr!

Okay now, the tutorial. I lovee the tutorial because she set a very vital rule, no pins are allowed! hee and she gave us many ways in styling the long pashmina. :) Enjoy!

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